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Pure Denim - Pure for All

What transforms simple cotton into PureDenim is our passion, the application of innovative systems and a relentless focus on sustainability. The world’s best-loved fabric thus becomes a truly revolutionary product: perfect for ever more demanding customers, kind to the planet, necessary for our future.

innovations leading to a better future


Innovative environmentally friendly process for the production of liquid indigo.


Environmentally friendly ultrasonic finishing technology


The only finishing process that doesn’t use PVA.

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River Blue

These are stark and sad images shown in River blue by Mark Angelo, the American activist engaged in river conservation who has travelled the world to examine their state in the countries where largest clothing production sites are located, i.e. those that supply all the major western western fashion brands.

A global expedition to recount the traditions, customs and landscapes destroyed by the textile and denim industries that operate by virtue of profit, heedless of their responsibilities towards the environment and people.

PureDenim River Blue